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Persistence and Transformation in the Eastern Hindu Kush:
A Study of Resource Management Systems in Mehlp Valley, Chitral, North Pakistan.

  • Fazlur-Rahman
E. Ferger Verlag, 2007
Bonner Geographische Abhandlungen, Heft 118
Herausgeber der Reihe: Geographisches Institut der Universit├Ąt Bonn
Buch; 314 Seiten, mit 30 Abbildungen, 30 Tabellen und 7 Karten, davon 4 auf einer Farbbeilage
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The present study of resource management systems in the peripheral and marginalised area of the Eastern Hindu Kush presents complex interactions between man and environment in an arid, high mountain milieu. In this context, changing highland-lowland interactions, globalisation processes, economic integration and population pressure have all been considered important factors that have created diverse impacts on the traditional resource management systems in the Mehlp Valley of Chitral District. This study reveals that the recently introduced socio-economic, political and other structural changes are mostly incompatible with the centuries-old communal resource-utilisation mechanisms. These modernisation processes are not only threatening the sustainable functioning of the traditional resource management systems, but are also heavily stressing the associated autochthonous institutions and multi-level village organisations for co-operative activities.